Jeremy Flessing (hazama)

I've got so many names... even in my own family.
Jeremy may have been the first, but I'm sure "idiot" soon followed. When I was two, I called myself "Jemmy Wynn Fwessing Big Boy" like I had something to prove. I loved the bath, and my friends were all bath toys. My favorite was "Squirt Squirt the Animal", that was the name straight out of the box, and to this day, I [sadly] don't know it's actual commercial name. He was a big, purple aquatic dino-thingie that played different notes depending on how you pulled his neck. It was awesome... but let's continue.

With the advent of the Internet, I took a japanese name, and depending on who you talk to, it can range in meaning from "weilder of the great radish" to "fjord"... Hazama. Then Hazama shortened to Haz. [ Pronounced closer to "haws", not HAZ as in "HAS ANYONE SEEN THE BACON?" ]
Hey, my little brother hasn't called me by my "real" name since he was 12. To him, I'm Jimmy... now and forever. To me, I've got to concentrate hard to keep myself from becoming scizophrenic.

What does this have to do with anything? I have no idea.

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